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11 Jan 2012

A media mention in The Boston Globe, along with other brief mentions of other good ways to get books for free, which may be of interest to JJ and CR from the “Around the Modern Library” project mentioned earlier.

With a subheading of “The books you read and the people you meet,” BookCrossing is a way to connect, as well as a book swap, with fellow bookworms. BookCrossing is international in scope, including books from over 45 countries, but the U.S. offers the second-most number of books shared.
Tamar Zmora

Tamar goes on to list a bunch of other sites and schemes:

If you are more liberal in your approach to copyright, Mobilism and The Pirate Bay have vast, searchable resources available. Books often appear on these sites before arriving in bookshops.

But is my favourite. It’s not just the books, pleasant though it is to get free books. It is the BookCrossers, and I have made some marvellous friends on BookCrossing, and had some memorable adventures.


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