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My previous post, on my surprise suspension from, hit a new record for page views on this site. Kind of sad, really, compared to the good news stories I prefer to tell.

But there’s a follow-up story now, and this story is that there is no follow-up. I was suspended without warning or explanation, restored a day or two later, again without explanation, and I’m wondering just what happened.

Twice, I’ve asked for details, and the only response has been that already quoted, namely this, from Bruce Pederson at

…some of your comments have possibly stepped beyond opinions and left us with us with some legal exposure.

I have had nothing further on this. No details, no explanation, no accusation, no apologies. Nothing.

There has been some discussion in the BookCrossing forums, naturally, and all comments bar one echo my puzzlement and astonishment. The exception is from BookCrosser SLNKIWI, freshly-minted but as-yet-unemployed lawyer who implies here (in a thread about breastfeeding!) that she possesses knowledge hidden to all others. Let me quote:

I think you will find that Hinerangi, (yes naming names) was not the only person to complain and no I wasn’t one of them. This to my knowledge wasnt just a simple dispute situation between two people.

Whilst I understand that Skyring has friends here that feel that he has been hard done by, I think that perhaps it would behoove them in this case to not jump to conclusions, that are misguided and one sided, and lack insight as to the true nature of the problem that has arisen. Whatever your knowledge of the situation may be, I am sure that it is limited, and that BC would not have taken such action unless they were very sure of their ground.

Well, what is the true nature of the situation? How is it that SLNKIWI claims to know what’s going on and everybody else is ignorant or mistaken?

Including me. Especially including me. After careful review, I don’t think I have done anything wrong or worth suspension, nor left with any legal exposure. Obviously this view is not shared by, who have apparently not shared their information with anybody but SLNKIWI, who is supposedly an uninvolved third party.

Quite apart from my own personal involvement, I really hate to see BookCrossing turn into a place of rumours and secrets, where members are terminated without warning and factions and cliques wrestle for moral supremacy. We should be a community of friends, and in most of my dealings with other BookCrossers, I have found it so. Joyously, enthusiastically so.


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  1. Cassiopaeia /

    Possibly someone who thought they were defining some legal aspect brought it to their attention and Skyring’s suspension was a knee jerk reaction. Obviously it couldn’t have held up since the suspension was so short lived. It’s appalling that there has been no detailed explanation, even privately to Skyring.

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